The Unabomber's Manifestoreal audio

as published in 'The Washington Post'.

a virtual reading
by dave sag

The Unabomber has fascinated me for some many years. The manifesto published by the Washington Post at the request of the FBI must rate as one of the least read, most widely muttered about works since Stephen Hawkings' 'A Brief History of Time'.

While lying in bed for several weeks with chronic back pain due to poor posture, high stress and a poor diet, (yes I work as a web designer) I decided to get my Macintosh computer to read the manifesto out loud to me using the built in voice 'Agnes'. I sampled this reading directly to Macromedia Soundedit and converted it to Real Audo format. Thanks to Internode for the ra-space.

This is your chance to read along with the Unabomber. You will need a real audio player, available free from and at least a 14.4 connection to the net.

To start the commentary, select the real audio icon in the top right corner of each page. (The one on this page will take you to

To conclude I must thank my beloved girlfriend Caroline, who has been a constant source of help throughout this whole horrific experience.


Dave Sag.

  1. introduction
  2. the psychology of modern leftism
  3. the power process
  4. autonomy
  5. sources of social problems
  6. disruption of the power process in modern society
  7. how some people adjust
  8. the motives of scientists
  9. the nature of freedom
  10. some principles of history
  11. industrial-technological society cannot be reformed
  12. technology is a more powerful social force than the aspiration for freedom
  13. simpler social problems have proved intractable
  14. control of human behaviour
  15. human race at a crossroads
  16. human suffering
  17. the future
  18. strategy
  19. two kinds of technology
  20. the danger of leftism
  21. final note
  22. notes

converted to html and real audio by dave sag 1997.
virtual artists pty ltd