But how to charge for it all?

It pleases me incredibly to see work being eradicated, money becoming worthless and marketing becoming automatically focused on what you like. We are developing a very crafty set of rose coloured lenses. No-one need ever experience anything they don't want to. Life++.

It strikes me as odd that people look at the net like it's somehow there for them. It's like saying that you exist so your kidney has something to do. We exist in a symbiosis with our technology and have become a greater whole as a result. Soon however this new playground for informational life will transcend us as the most intelligent thing(s) on the planet. As more sites integrate themselves with each other and pull in people to stir the mix and provide spontaneous creativity, the more high level analysis engines (ie search engines at the moment are primitive versions of this, log files an even more primitive example) and META information begins to gather based on an interconnected soup of other META information, the whole damn lot has to develop consciousness. look at the character of a listserver, usenet or firefly.



thoughts on a screen by dave sag. ©1997

images: photoshop, infini-d and tree professional.