The start of a beautiful friendship.

As a professional web designer, I have often been asked how to make money from the internet. There are primarily two charging models, but in my opinion both of them are flawed.

As a general rule pay per view sites find it hard to attract hits. the obvious exceptions to this are porn and financial services sites.

Banner ads are a good source of revenue for big hit sites now and are an easier sell because the industry understands the idea, but they are easily ignored (and this will affect clickthru rates directly). filters like webfree are great. They save me download times (about 20-40k less from an altavista search is significant for me at home with a 28.8 bodem.). I have a direct incentive to use it as a) it works so I almost never see ads and thus have no idea what I'm missing, and b) it saves me time and money.

So banner ads will go west I'm afraid as they become susceptible to ad virii (a small virus colony which thrives on Apple logos and alters them to IBM, or changes Pepsi to coke etc...) and deliberate ad filters - (but we've got to censor the smut to protect our kiddies! same tech.)



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