Shambala on Koh Samui Jan 2002

A collection of digital photographs by Dave Sag.
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Welcome to Koh Samui

Big Buddha Beach


Shambala sign

Reading spot

Massage area

The resturant

The office


Almost breakfast time

As made as a bed should ever get

The Beach

In the sea

Surf - see

Clear horizon

The day marches on

Banana lounges

Path to food and leisure

Down the path to the beach

Down the garden path

Handy signpost

Wunnerful init.

Caroline relaxes

Look out!

Wild palms

Jessie gets drinks.

The Bar

Pat and Cath on the beach

Shambala on the beach

Sandy eh?

The tiled path from my bungalow to the bar.

Big Buddha Beach again
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All photos taken by Dave Sag and 2002 - All rights reserved. Higher resolution photos are available by request.