The Health Minister's Car

A collection of digital photographs by Dave Sag.
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Easy does it

Still it's a cool car


Another scrape

We really trashed out fair share of bitumen.


Slow work

Lowering the car took ages because it would not roll backwards.


Sun set

It sure made for a scenic adventure.


Lower car then run

They had to lower the car down and then drive out from under it.


Glorious evening though

There is nothing like a sunset over Sydney's suburbs.


Amost done

It seemed like forever, and the sound of the scrape could be heard for miles.



Thanks Mr Manning's towtrucks.


All quiet in the western suburbs

And so at last the Car, not even our car, found a home. Sometime later that week Pembo had to call the Minister and explain that his car has been, um, moved. I think he told him that he took it out to get it cleaned. I'm not sure.


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All photos taken by Dave Sag and 2002 - All rights reserved. Higher resolution photos are available by request.