The Health Minister's Car

A collection of digital photographs by Dave Sag.
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And wait we did. You can see the enormous scrape we left in the road's surface if you look closely.


Still, she's a beaut

They just don't make cars like this anymore.


All class

The bonnet scoop is a particular favourite feature of this car. Note also the fuzzy dice for additional authenticity.


Down below

And this is the actual damage. The car's suspension seems to have completely collapsed.


Like chalk on a blackboard

And I imagine that scrape will still be there in a few years.


Help at last

The tow truck arrived and ceremoniously loaded us up onto the back.


Majestic really

It was almost like the car had behaved so well that it deserved to be carried home.



Home was not too far and they hauled us off.


There you go

And with a massive noise they dumped us back at Pembo's place.


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All photos taken by Dave Sag and 2002 - All rights reserved. Higher resolution photos are available by request.