We borrowed the car

After the campaign the car was auctioned off to the Minister for Health, the right Honourable Craig Knowles MP. The proceeds of the raffle went to charity. Pembo and I figured we needed to take the car out for one last burn so we sneaked into the carpark underneath Parliament House and, um, pinched it. Our joy ride was short lived however. We had just crossed the Pyrmont bridge when disaster struck.
Photo taken at 06:45 PM on 24 Nov 2001 with a SONY DCR-TRV20E
Settings: Flash was Off. Maximum Aperture=1.70. Exposure Program=Normal. Exposure Bias=0.00. Exposure Time=1/50s. F number=1.800. Focal Length=27.90mm.


All photos taken by Dave Sag and 2002 - All rights reserved. Higher resolution photos are available by request.