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Packages that use CurrencyConverter
org.davesag.generica.util The util package contains common, or garden variety, utility code for making hashcodes, sending email, generating passwords, converting currencies, parsing parameters and so forth. 

Uses of CurrencyConverter in org.davesag.generica.util

Fields in org.davesag.generica.util declared as CurrencyConverter
protected static CurrencyConverter CurrencyConverter.THE_CURR_CON
          the singleton class

Methods in org.davesag.generica.util that return CurrencyConverter
static CurrencyConverter CurrencyConverter.getCurrencyConverter()
          Returns a default instance of the currency converter.
static CurrencyConverter CurrencyConverter.getCurrencyConverter(String resource)
          Returns the singleton currency converter, or creates one based on the resource file supplied.

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