Uses of Interface

Packages that use Summary
org.davesag.generica.controller Controllers are application specific business 'control' logic that the various actions and forms call on. 
org.davesag.generica.summary The summary package contains the Summary interface and a GenericSummary implimentation. 

Uses of Summary in org.davesag.generica.controller

Methods in org.davesag.generica.controller that return Summary
 Summary Summariser.summarise(Object o)
          Summarises the supplied object for use by GUIs.
 Summary AbstractUserProfileController.summarise(Object o)
          The summary in this case just contains the actual user object as it is the job of the presenter to put this back into the session.

Uses of Summary in org.davesag.generica.summary

Classes in org.davesag.generica.summary that implement Summary
 class GenericSummary
          The GenericSummary bean is a very simple implementation of the Summary interface that builds on the apache commons' BasicDynaBean to provide its functionality.

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