Uses of Interface

Packages that use Archivist
org.davesag.generica.peer The peer package contains various Peers, static utility classes that consolidate various common activities surrounding the core objects. 
org.davesag.generica.persistence The persistance package contains delegates and and interfaces allowing you to hot-swap your persistance management schemes. 
org.davesag.generica.persistence.hibernate The hibernate package contains hibernate specific delegates and factories. 
org.davesag.generica.persistence.jdo The jdo package contains jdo specific delegates and factories. 

Uses of Archivist in org.davesag.generica.peer

Methods in org.davesag.generica.peer with parameters of type Archivist
static Faq archivist, Faq faq)
          Sets the last modified date and saves this Faq.
static void FaqPersistencePeer.delete(Archivist archivist, Faq faq)
          Delete this faq.
static boolean FaqPersistencePeer.asked(Archivist archivist, String question, Locale loc)
          Has this question already been asked in this Locale?
static List FaqPersistencePeer.loadAll(Archivist archivist, Locale loc)
          Loads all the Faqs with the given optional Locale.

Uses of Archivist in org.davesag.generica.persistence

Methods in org.davesag.generica.persistence that return Archivist
static Archivist ArchivistFactory.getArchivist(String type)
          load an archvist that delegates to the correct persistence strategy.
protected abstract  Archivist ArchivistFactory.getArchivist()
          Override this method to provide custom archiving.

Uses of Archivist in org.davesag.generica.persistence.hibernate

Classes in org.davesag.generica.persistence.hibernate that implement Archivist
 class HibernateArchivist
          The HibernateArchivist manages persistance for objects by delegating to a Hibernate Session.

Methods in org.davesag.generica.persistence.hibernate that return Archivist
protected  Archivist HibernateArchivistFactory.getArchivist()
          Returns a HibernateArchivist with a valid Hibernate session as its delegate.

Uses of Archivist in org.davesag.generica.persistence.jdo

Classes in org.davesag.generica.persistence.jdo that implement Archivist
 class JdoArchivist
          The JdoArchivist manages persistance for objects by delegating to a JDO PersistenceManager.

Methods in org.davesag.generica.persistence.jdo that return Archivist
protected  Archivist JdoArchivistFactory.getArchivist()
          Returns a JdoArchivist with a valid Jdo session as its delegate.

Dave Sag Generica API version 0.5.9 - (prerelease) Copyright 2003 - 2004 Dave Sag.