Uses of Interface

Packages that use Persistable
org.davesag.generica.core The core package contains well thought out JavaBeans useful for most web applications. 
org.davesag.generica.peer The peer package contains various Peers, static utility classes that consolidate various common activities surrounding the core objects. 

Uses of Persistable in org.davesag.generica.core

Classes in org.davesag.generica.core that implement Persistable
 class AbstractContent
          This AbstractContent bean is an abstract Persitable Content item with created and lastModified dates and language and country codes.
 class AbstractCreditCardAuthoriser
          All Credit Card authorisation providers should provide a class that extends CreditCardAuthoriser and must be able to authorise a credit card payment and return a response code.
 class AbstractDateStamped
          This AbstractDateStamped bean is an abstract Persitable DateStamped item with created and lastModified dates.
 class AbstractExtensibleContent
          The AbstractExtensibleContent bean provides a handy abstract root for all extensible core classes.
 class AbstractText
          This abstract AbstractText bean is the root of all textual persistable, extensible authorable items.
 class Category
          This Category bean represents a basic Category suitable as a content seperator for any content management system where stories should be displayed on a website in various categories.
 class Comment
          This Comment bean represents a basic text item suitable as a base for any content management system where comments should be displayed on a website.
 class CreditCard
          This CreditCard bean represents the information we know about a User's credit card.
 class Faq
          This Faq bean is a basic Localisable, Persitable FAQ entry with a question and answer.
 class Link
          The Link bean represents a titled url linking to an external site.
 class Media
          The Media bean represents some very basic information about a piece of media.
 class MediaType
          The MediaType bean represents basic information about the MediaTypes.
 class Merchant
          A Merchant will be a real world corporate entity and in order to handle payment processing will have a contract with a CreditCardAuthoriser, and a range of ShoppingItems in the shop.
 class ShoppingItem
          This ShoppingItem bean represents the information we know about an item that can be bought by a user.
 class ShoppingOrder
          This ShoppingOrder is a labelled list of shopping items.
 class SiteCopy
          The SiteCopy bean represents a component of textual data for display on the site.
 class Story
          The Story bean represents a basic story suitable as a base for any content management system where stories should be displayed on a website.
 class User
          The User bean represents the bare information we know about the user of the system.

Uses of Persistable in org.davesag.generica.peer

Methods in org.davesag.generica.peer that return Persistable
static Persistable PersistablePeer.load(Session sess, String namefield, String name, String classname)
          Load a persistable object with the given name, using the supplied namefield and classname as qualifiers of the search.

Methods in org.davesag.generica.peer with parameters of type Persistable
static Long sess, Persistable bean)
          Save this persistable object.
static void PersistablePeer.delete(Session sess, Persistable bean)
          Delete this bean.

Dave Sag Generica API version 0.5.9 - (prerelease) Copyright 2003 - 2004 Dave Sag.