Uses of Interface

Packages that use WebApp
org.davesag.generica The generica package contains application wide Constants and the WebApp interface that your web application should implement. 
org.davesag.generica.servlet.plugin Your application may extend the HibernatePlugIn provided and add custom initialisations. 

Uses of WebApp in org.davesag.generica

Methods in org.davesag.generica that return WebApp
static WebApp WebApp.Factory.getInstance(String classname)
          Gets the WebApp Instance based on the class name provided.

Uses of WebApp in org.davesag.generica.servlet.plugin

Fields in org.davesag.generica.servlet.plugin declared as WebApp
protected  WebApp HibernatePlugIn.theWebApp
          The WebApp implementation to startup and shutdown.

Dave Sag Generica API version 0.5.9 - (prerelease) Copyright 2003 - 2004 Dave Sag.