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Packages that use ErrorResponse
com.davesag.smpp The smpp package contains the main SMPPCommander interface and an AbstractSMPPCommander class for your application to extend. 
com.davesag.smpp.command The command package contains classes that deal with incoming commands and their responses. 

Uses of ErrorResponse in com.davesag.smpp

Methods in com.davesag.smpp with parameters of type ErrorResponse
protected abstract  void AbstractSMPPCommander.logCommandFormatException(CommandFormatException cfex, ErrorResponse response)
          Application specific command logging of invalid commands.

Uses of ErrorResponse in com.davesag.smpp.command

Methods in com.davesag.smpp.command that return ErrorResponse
abstract  ErrorResponse AbstractCommand.checkSender()
          Check the details of the sender.

SMPP Commander API version 20 Jan 2005. (C) 2004 Dave Sag.