Class CommandFormatException

  extended byjava.lang.Throwable
      extended byjava.lang.Exception
          extended bycom.davesag.smpp.command.CommandFormatException
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CommandFormatException
extends Exception

An CommandFormatException should be thrown when a CommandFactory tries to parse a command string that can not be mapped to a known command, or whose params are not valid.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
CommandFormatException(ie.omk.smpp.Address incomingId, ie.omk.smpp.Address senderId, String command)
          Creates a new CommandFormatException.
Method Summary
 ie.omk.smpp.Address getIncomingId()
 ie.omk.smpp.Address getSenderId()
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Constructor Detail


public CommandFormatException(ie.omk.smpp.Address incomingId,
                              ie.omk.smpp.Address senderId,
                              String command)
Creates a new CommandFormatException.

command - The command string that failed.
incomingId - The address the failed command was sent to.
senderId - The address the failed command was sent from.
Method Detail


public ie.omk.smpp.Address getIncomingId()


public ie.omk.smpp.Address getSenderId()

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