Parliament House lawn

The Australian federal Parliament building is a brillian piece of design. You used to be able to walk right over it, as it's built into the hill itself, and from the front you can see all the way through it. The idea it is represents the transparancy and accessability that is the highlight odf Australian Democracy. Under John Howard's watch these notions have been thrown out the window as now the roof lawn is walled off by bollards and under 24 hour guard. Shame John Howard, shame.

Photo taken at 09:19 AM on 14 Aug 2003 with a SONY CYBERSHOT

Settings: Flash was Off. Light Source=D65. Maximum Aperture=3.00. Metering Mode=Multi-Segment. Exposure Program=Normal. Exposure Bias=0.00. Exposure Time=1/200s. F number=2.800. Focal Length=8.00mm. ISO=100.


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